The Bead Queen

About the Owner

Jennie Zamora is the founder of Bead Queen Parties and considers herself to be the original Bead Queen.  Bead Queen Parties was built upon Jennie’s love for working with children, teaching, event planning, and community service. It is Jennie’s passion to help children have memorable childhood experiences with opportunities to engage positively in creative endeavors.

Jennie’s education background includes obtaining a BA in Child Development and an MA in Organizational Leadership, and she has worked in the education and nonprofit sectors in Orange County.  Her career path led Jennie on a fulfilling journey of teaching in the classroom, managing nonprofit programs, grant writing, fundraising, and planning special events and service projects.

Jennie originally taught herself how to design jewelry as a creative outlet and a way to help pay back student loans. She has since surrounded herself with creative, inspiring female friends who meet regularly to take time to “create.”

After meeting her Prince Charming and becoming a stay-at-home-mom to a Prince and Princess of her own, Bead Queen Parties was born. This was the perfect outlet to blend Jennie’s career experiences and creative hobbies in a way that would provide assistance to busy parents looking for unique, stress-free activities for children’s parties and events.