Tips & Benefits

Tips for a Successful Party

When learning a new craft, emphasizing process, rather than product, helps everyone have a great time creating their own masterpiece regardless of age, experience, or skill.

The Bead Queen prefers to include male partygoers in the full experience of jewelry making. Every handsome Prince has a mother, sister, friend, aunt, or grandma who would love a one-of-a-kind, handmade piece of jewelry. It is important that chivalry does not become a lost art. Participation is highly encouraged but not required.

For younger partygoers ages 4-7, more hands-on involvement from parents is helpful for each child to complete his/her project within the party time frame. Older children usually like to work on their own to complete his/her project.

For children who enjoy and excel at jewelry-making, monthly clubs can be set up with a small group of friends to build on the skills learned at the party. The Bead Queen can assist with recommended tools and supplies, and is available for additional instruction.

Benefits of Jewelry-Making

Working with beads to create jewelry actually supports building math skills such as measuring, sorting, and creating patterns.

Jewelry-making is a wonderful kinesthetic activity. It promotes gross and fine motor skills.

Learning about a new creative hobby builds self-esteem and decision-making skills.